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Art Attaché is a new initiative whose purpose is to create a level playing field for accessibility, study and consumption of art culture at a global level.

A globally accessible social network

Art Attaché is the new home for arts. At its core, Art Attaché is a social network tailor-made for the arts community. You can interact with students, artists, and industry leaders across the world and be part of a global conversation. It is also a place to learn, you can become an instructor, or enrol in courses, or even contribute to our blog whenever you want. It is easy and simple to use!

Embracing Your Voice

Our goal is to bring together a global art community within a universal online platform to make art more accessible. We strongly believe that accessibility starts with open conversations, sharing narratives and embracing perspectives. We have tasked ourselves with an ambitious initiative but one that is a pressing issue. Now more than ever, there is a need for a universal platform that decentralises the Western dominance of art and caters for a truly diverse and global audience.

Be your own Attaché

Interact with other like-minded people, students, academics, and industry leading experts. Express your creative potential, your authority on a particular topic, and your narrative. With Art Attaché, you can be part of a community that values your voice and get critical reception for your work, and your interests all from the comfort of your home.



Want to boost your presence within the Art world?

Uses the social features to showcase your art, your craft, your idea. Promote yourself to the global arts community.



Need help with a research topic?

You can tap into a global audience whenever you want.


Want to explore teaching? 

Become an instructor today and start sharing your knowledge with an inclusive and diverse audience.


Want to develop your ideas, or share thoughts on a particular topic? 

Why not contribute to collective news feed, generated by your perspective.

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A Universal Platform

Social Interaction

A dedicated forum based system built on your interaction with the Arts community

Social Learning

A focus on making the education of the arts more accessible by means of a contribution focused News Feed and Online Courses (coming soon)

Social Commerce

Promote and commercialise your creativity. Each user will have their own (optional) dedicated e-commerce marketplace (coming soon)

Current Features

Social Networking

The site is built around socializing. You are able to interact with fellow art students, professionals, and the wider arts community.

Build your Blogs

Promote your thoughts, research and work. Every user has the option to create and maintain their own blogs or contribute to central ones.

Job Finder

Art Attaché hosts an inbuilt Job listing service. Any user either representing themselves or professional clients can post arts related jobs to the community.

Forum Discussions

Social learning is a core component of the Art Attaché philosophy. Forums allow for active and open discussion. Users can create both private and open forums for a vast array of topics and themes    

Arts News Feed

Stay up to date with all news concerning the arts. Users will be able to submit articles to be presented on the news page. Professionals will also be able to advertise on this page 

Professional Directory

A members directory that promotes social interaction between students and professionals. Art Attaché will hold the largest arts directory ever.

Art Attaché is digitising the culture and study of the arts to your home

Features to come

E-commerce Store

Have the autonomy of your own store. Each user will be able to sell works of art, materials, books and more. Direct from the artist/supplier to your home

Online Classes

In order to keep to the ethos of Social Learning, Art Attaché is going to provide affordable online classes and courses for members. Users will also be able to create their own tutorials and courses and learn from the comfort of their home.

Mobile App

No social website is complete without a companion app. We are working hard to bring the ease and functionality of Art Attache to your handheld.

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