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We have been thinking about various ways of bringing the world of art to new heights building upon and around art education and the sharing of knowledge. The language of Visual Art is one that is universal, so we saw a need to build a platform that plays host to the world of art under one universal banner. We asked ourselves a question that has been asked many times before: How can we make art more accessible in a globalised ever-connected age? The simple answer would be an art fair, online exhibitions or webinars, however, these are tried and tested methods that quite rightly bring art to new audiences but do not provide a solution to the question of accessibility. 

In our view, accessibility in this day and age must go beyond how we view and consume art. It should embrace the digital world and how changes in our interaction with the world of art can influence accessibility. 

For an industry built on connections, there is no dedicated space for social and professional interaction. Art Attaché can be that space! This is as much a platform for students as it is for professionals. Art Attaché at its core is a Social Network, one tailor-made for the art industry. What makes it so unique, is that it grows through your contribution and validation. 

Our news feed is built through your articles, your thoughts and your art knowledge, no editors, just you. Everyone is entitled to create and run their own forums, start discussions and debates with likeminded people. For galleries, this is not just another platform for promotion, but a chance to receive critical reception otherwise unobtainable through other platforms. 

Through the nature of a universal online platform, you have the chance to interact with artistic leaders from all around the world and promote yourself as an authority in the Arts. Art Attaché provides you with a plethora of knowledge, contributed by you in a truly post-colonial, and inclusive environment. You now know what Art Attaché is about and who we are, and we would love to find out more about you through your art!

Welcome to your new Online centre for the arts where…

You are the Art Attaché 

A Message from our Founder, Ravi

Dear All,

Thank you for taking an interest in our project and by participating, each and every one of you are taking a huge step to making the Arts industry more accessible.

I created Art Attaché after completing my History of Art Degree and graduating from the University of Warwick. During my three years, I soon realised the inherent elitism that revolves around the art industry and that access to it is limited and is based around who you know. I believe that Art Attaché is a solution to this problem. By providing a designated social network for the arts, students, artists and industry professionals are connected with ease.

During its development I saw the opportunity to tackle social and cultural issues plaguing the arts sector by establishing it as a Global Platform to promote diversity and inclusivity through social learning.

Meet the team

Art Attaché Managing Partners

Ravi Shah

Founder, CEO & UK Coordinator

Ravi founded Art Attaché in July 2020 as a response to growing demands for change within the Art Industry. He saw a the potential for a truly digital art centre – one that was inherently global. He Graduated History of Art from the University of Warwick and has a profound interest in Inuit Art and Postcolonial Art Theory. He hopes to leave his mark on arts sector. 

Giuliana Taccone


Giuliana is currently finishing her undergraduate degree in Art History and Arts Management at Carleton University. Her studies have focused on topics in Italian Renaissance art. She is also interested in Postcolonial Theory and marketing of Arts and Culture in an increasingly globalised and interconnected world. She hopes her involvement with Art Attaché can contribute to inclusivity in art.

Jade Steward


Jade is a final year student at the University of Warwick studying History of Art. In 2016 she started studying History of Art at A Level at one of just two state schools that offer the course. With Art Attache, Jade wants to support students throughout their education of History of Art. In doing this, she aims to make the subject more accessible and appealing to students and schools across the UK. Her own academic interest is focused on Indian artists from the 18th Century.

Lou-Ann Albiol


Lou recently graduated the University of Warwick studying History of Art. She is interested in the Italian Renaissance, 19th century French paintings, and passionate about Orientalism and its intricacies. She joined Art Attaché to be part of a team of intelligent, interesting and like-minded people. Having written her Undergraduate dissertation on the imperialist and colonialist motives behind Harem and Odalisque paintings, she is particularly interested in creating an Arts culture that is diverse and acccessible.

Kafayat Zaria

University Coordinator & Marketing Executive

Kafayat is an Art Law master’s student with a background in the History of Art at the University of York. Her interests surround eighteenth and nineteenth-century English art as well as contemporary African art. For her undergraduate dissertation, she focused on the representation of people of colour in western portraiture and the decolonization of the art historical canon. She joined Art Attaché to further the discussion with other scholars and researchers to increase the accessibility of diverse histories within the art world.

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