Art Attaché Academy

Social Learning

 is central to Art Attaché.

Art Attaché Academy allows us to build upon that ethos and provide the community with even more knowledge from a teaching perspective. Art Attaché relies on community engagement and contribution, this is no different. Any User can apply to become an instructor and share their knowledge and research in a teaching capacity.

Courses, workshops, lessons will range from free to paid options and we will even offer subscription models. On this platform ‘you are your own attaché’ so this is the perfect stepping stone to boosting your artistic career by teaching others on Art Attaché Academy. 

Learn something new on our courses page, or start teaching on your own terms.

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Enrol in Courses

Knowledge is Power. Enrol in single classes or entire courses created by the community for the community

Become an Instructor

Are you an authority on a particular subject? Want to try out online teaching? Any user can apply to be an Instructor on Art Attaché Academy.

Flexible Learning

There will be free and paid courses available to all logged in members of Art Attaché. We will host both Pay-as-you-go and subscription based models to give you the best value and experience.

Any Further Questions

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